I’ve been finding myself longing to teach in London once again in the hustle and bustle of my favourite studio , the students that I taught for a long time who many of them with strong yoga practices and some of whom were teachers . I miss the advanced creative sequences that I used to teach, the philosophy that I integrated into my classes and…and …and 

Then I catch myself . My body has changed and my life has changed. I’ve birthed and I am in the process of raising 3 girls, a traumatising health scare and a major back injury. My life is not the same and those days were just a moment in time. Yet still I judge myself and criticise myself and long for yesterday constantly thinking I “should” be doing more. I’m starting from scratch teaching in Stroud where we have moved to and it feels like a bit of an uphill struggle.

The Yoga Sutras offer us a road map in order for us to reach a stage of yoga, oneness, clarity. 


Yoga is now.


This moment, this breath, this moment.

Can I separate from my reaction and be present with what IS.

The sutras go onto say that suffering that is to come is to be avoided. Be here now. What we do in this moment affects the future.

It is simple… This moment, This breath. Not looking back, not looking forward. Be here now.

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