I first came across meditation aged 18 at my first yoga class. My journey has been long and far reaching. After 10 years of practicing mainly Iyengar yoga the door of Sivananada opened up to me. I would catch the train to London to go on weekend and week long intensives at the London ashram.

In 2007 I went to India for a few months; one of which I spent in Kerela at the Sivananda ashram. We rose 3.45am , 4am meditation for 1 hour followed by 90 minutes of pranayama and asana. One morning something happened in meditation - complete and utter stillness and connection to presence. Words are hard to find but I found a moment of oneness. I don’t know exactly how long it lasted - 5 minutes or 20 minutes or the whole hour but it was magic! After practice I ran to tell my new found yogi friends in the ashram. Since that trip to India I have been a dedicated meditator and I’m grateful to the Sivananda lineage for the 5 foundations of practice;  Breathing (pranayama), Exercise (asana), Diet (vegetarian), Meditation and Proper relaxation.

The road has been long and winding. In 2016 I became aware of the great American meditation teacher Jack Kornfield and began devouring his books. I took an online retreat with Ram Das and Jack and another door opened for me. Fast forward to 2018 I enrolled on a two year training with Jack and Tara Brach and dived into a completely different lineage and teachings of the Buddha.

Today I am a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher after an in-depth two year training into the teachings of kindness and compassion with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. A course with both psychological and spiritual depth, it has paved the way for work into health care settings and for mindful living. All of these practices support cultivating a steady heart and mind.

For over 20 years meditation has been a constant, it has evolved and adapted but its a priority for me.

I take much pleasure in teaching meditation. It really is a medicine for the mind and heart. Meditation is a practice of acceptance and refuge. It allows us to be fully present in our lives without overwhelm or burn out and brings much freedom. All of my yoga classes have a healthy does of meditation as part of the practice and I also work privately with students offering a 5 week course to help support you with stress and overwhelm.