Yoga at the Rococo Gardens for the Autumn Equinox

I’m lucky enough to live in the Cotswolds and to me its THE most beautiful countryside in England, its insanely beautiful. On my door stop is a place called the Rococo Gardens nestled amongst this next level countryside. Rococo Garden was fantastical in both its character and inspiration. Squeezed into a valley, with deceptive vistas juxtaposed with serpentine paths, the Garden is peppered with charming follies to surprise and delight. Dated back to the 1700s when the upper classes wanted to show there wealth and party in their gardens! This is the only surviving one in the UK and really is remarkably beautiful!

To celebrate the autumn Equinox;  the passing of the seasons and the descend into the darkest months , I will be co teaching a beautiful morning practice in theses gardens. The morning will include a silent walk, tibetatan healing , yoga asana, breath work and deep rest. There will be time for writing and exploring the gardens afterwards.

I find it enormously helpful to follow the cycles of the moon and the seasons. Of course each of us will have a particular favourite time of year that lights our soul but can we find the beauty in each of them and use the ancient practices of both yoga and mindfulness to support our physical and heartfelt needs at a particular time.

Keep committed to daily sadhana for me is the way to navigate change which really is the only constant and the best way to keep a steady heart and mind in turbulent times.

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